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Infrared Sauna with Light Therapy

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What is an Infrared Sauna?

The sun is a natural infrared wavelength source. Those invisible infrared wavelengths make the sun warm and every human being needs them. A far infrared sauna provides you with infrared wavelengths which are beneficial for functional health without the long-term side effects of sun damage. Infrared-induced perspiration bypasses overtaxed internal toxin metabolism directly eliminating toxins, especially reaching into the fat cells to release hard-to-reach stored toxins.
About our Far Infrared Sauna.
Our High Tech Health Sauna is designed with anti-field, far infrared heaters. They provide the lowest total EMF (patent) and perfect detoxification. It has 100% highest-grade solid poplar wood (no plywood). The sauna is made with only USA products, and manufactured in Boulder, CO. High Tech Health is the only infrared sauna company that bases 100% of their claims and products on actual scientific evidence. Why Far vs. Near Infrared? Far infrared is the safest and most effective type of infrared. Near infrared, or a full spectrum infrared sauna, can cause cataracts, accelerated aging of the skin, and an increased risk of skin cancer. Along with increasing production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the skin. These ROS lead to the activation of 599 genes, in particular the matrix metalloproteinase-1 enzyme, which damages the skin and results in accelerated skin aging. These near infrared sauna dangers far outweigh any potential benefits. On the other hand, far infrared has dozens of studies with countless proven benefits and none of the near infrared sauna dangers. Health Benefits? Scientists have discovered that far infrared sauna helps with weight loss, detoxication, pain relief, blood pressure, stress relief, and heart health. Besides that, using a far infrared sauna is recommended for people with medical conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, type 2 diabetes, chronic respiratory condition, and rheumatoid arthritis. As well as improving your skin with cellulite reduction.

Far Infrared Health Benefits

We are all exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals on a daily basis.Β Many toxins are found in virtually 100% of blood and/or fat samples in the population.Β These toxins cause cellular and DNA damage, damage to the nervous system and brain, increase your risk of dementia, disrupt the endocrine system, and cause altered metabolism and obesity.Β Toxins have been proven to be excreted in the sweat, even when levels are undetectable in the blood, proving that our body uses sweat to actively rid itself of these toxins. Read more about theΒ far infrared sauna benefits of detoxification here.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in high income countries including the United States.Β Virtually all adults have some degree of heart disease.Β Cardiovascular far infrared sauna benefits have been looked at in dozens of studies.Β Far infrared sauna therapy has been shown to have positive effects on blood pressure, heart disease, and one large study found that frequent sauna users had a lower risk of death from cardiovascular causes compared to non sauna users.Β Read more about theΒ cardiovascular far infrared sauna benefits here.

Far infrared sauna benefits include improved fitness!Β Far infrared saunas have been shown to increase exercise tolerance, speed muscle recovery, and promote muscle growth.Β They also increase metabolism and rid the body of toxins that promote obesity, promoting weight loss. They have been shown to increase the results of exercise, so that when a far infrared sauna after workout is used in conjunction exercise, you will see better results faster!Β Read more about theΒ fitness benefits of infrared sauna therapy.Β Also see our blog post onΒ infrared saunas for weight loss for more evidence on how heat leads to fat loss and increased metabolism!

Far infrared sauna use has been shown to benefit pain and inflammation. Nearly every disease is either caused by, or worsened by, inflammation. Anti-inflammatory benefits can improve the symptoms of virtually every chronic disease. Specifically, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and fibromyalgia have been studied and subjects showed significantly improved with far infrared sauna use. Read more about the far infrared sauna benefits of decreased pain and inflammation.

The leading causes of mortality in high income countries are heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer (4). These are diseases of aging, all resulting from the accumulation of damage to our proteins, cells, and tissues over time due to oxidative stress.Β Far infrared sauna use has been shown at the cellular level to reduce oxidative damage, and in one study to restore cell viability in damaged cells (5-7).Β Read about the far infrared benefits of promoting longevity.Β 


Far infrared sauna use benefits brain cell health and mental health. Not only have far infrared saunas been shown to improve mood, but one large study found that frequent sauna users had a significantly lower incidence of dementia compared to non sauna users.Β Alzheimer’s disease is the most common neurodegenerative disorder, and is seen in 33% of people over the age of 85 (1).Β According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Alzheimer’s disease is now the third leading cause of mortality in high income countries including the United States (2).Β A large long term study found that the frequency of sauna use is inversely related to the risk of developing dementia, and showed as much as a 66% lower incidence of dementia risk in frequent sauna users (3)!Β Read more about the farΒ infrared sauna benefits on cognitive and mental health here.

Heat therapy, and sauna use, has been shown to boost the immune system and increase our resistance to infections.Β Regular sauna users have an up to 44% reduced risk of pneumonia!Β Read our blog post for more on how far infraredΒ saunas boost the immune system

Far infrared sauna benefits include suppressed skin aging, improved water-holding capacity, improved circulation, and faster healing.Β Click on the below links to go directly to the published studies.
Far-infrared suppresses skin photoaging
Effect of regular sauna on epidermal barrier function and stratum corneum water-holding capacity
Effect of far-infrared therapy on increasing skin microcirculation
Far infrared promotes wound healingΒ 
Far-infrared promotes burn wound healing

Far infrared sauna therapy was shown to reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, or β€œseasonal allergies”.Β 
Clinical effects of far-infrared therapy in patients with allergic rhinitis

Far infrared sauna therapy has many benefits and positive effects in diabetes, including decreased inflammation, improved cardiovascular health, and circulation, three areas which are affected most by diabetes.Β Far infrared has been shown to protect blood vessels from damage by high sugar levels, as well as promote new blood vessel growth.
Far-infrared protects vascular endothelial cells from injury in diabetic mice
Far infra-red therapy promotes ischemia-induced angiogenesis in diabetic mice

Far infrared sauna therapy has been shown to increase the body’s natural antioxidants, protecting us against oxidative damage, which is the main cause of disease and aging.
[The influence of general infrared sauna on the antioxidant systems in the blood]

Infrared Sauna Options | Offered Services

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  • Infrared Sauna Session $39

    Our Far Infrared Sauna is for you if you are needing some extra detoxification in our life! If also helps with weight loss, improving circulation, boosting immune system, improving joint pain, decreasing stress, improving athletic performance, recovery, and more!

  • Infrared Sauna 6-Pack $55

    The 6 session-pack saves you $105! Our Far Infrared Sauna is for you if you are needing some extra detoxification in our life! If also helps with weight loss, improving circulation, boosting immune system, improving joint pain, decreasing stress, improving athletic performance, recovery, and more!

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