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EBOO Full Spectrum Therapy

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EBOO Full Spectrum Therapy in Colorado Springs

Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation, EBOO for short, is a blood filtration therapy that improves blood flow, cellular oxygen utilization, and cellular healing. When it comes to Ozone Therapy, this is top-tier.

The process involves having your blood taken from one vein and circulating it within our specialized EBOO full spectrum machine. Blood is enriched with oxygen and ozone, delivering a very high dose of ozone at an overall low concentration. This purified blood passes through our full spectrum UBI and then re-enters the body via an IV through a different vein. Ensuring utmost safety, the entire operation happens within a closed system, eliminating contamination risks. The procedure takes approximately one hour to complete and you are under the dedicated care of one of our expert registered nurses.

In numerous cases of chronic infections, despite the eradication of the initial pathogen, numerous people continue to experience distressing symptoms that significantly disrupt their daily routines. This phenomenon is commonly attributed to remaining toxins or impurities that persist post-infection. These residuals include endotoxins, cellular debris derived from dead pathogens, biofilm, and even dead cells resulting from the impact of antibiotics and prescribed medications on our tissues. EBOO can potentially help with optimizing your body’s own detoxification processes, allowing your body to return to a state of homeostasis.

*Certain lab tests are required, as well as health history, intake and acknowledgement of contraindications. Please call or schedule a Complimentary Consultation to learn more.*


How Much Does It Cost?

We generally see the most success with 3 sessions, or more, depending on your goals. *The EBOO cost includes 1 FREE Month of our Elite Wellness Membership.

  • Cost per session: $1499
  • 3-Pack: $4000 ($1333/treatment)

EBOO Full Spectrum Therapy Service Options

To book multiple services at one time, please select the “Book Now” button in the top, right-hand corner of the website!

  • EBOO Full Spectrum Therapy - Single Session $1499

IV Ozone Literature & Research

Dr. Mark Hyman's Personal Experience with Ozone Therapy

Dr. Hyman is a senior advisor for the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. In this video Dr. Hyman talks about his personal journey healing and recovering with IV Ozone. From Facebook:

“I was so excited to dive into the topic of ozone therapy with Dr. Paolo Tordiglione on The Doctor’s Farmacy. Ozone therapy was the thing that finally helped me turn my health around a few years back after a slew of insults left me mentally and physically depleted. When it comes to treating COVID patients, ozone therapy has many characteristics that align with the healing that’s needed. “

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