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Ozone Insufflation

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Ozone Insufflation in Colorado Springs

Ozone is a gas that is made up of three oxygen atoms. An electric charge is applied and converts Oxygen (O2) to Ozone (O3). By using specialized generators, we are able to produce precise medical-grade Ozone. Ozone therapy has been used as a potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent, safely, for decades.

IV Ozone, known as Major Auto-Hemotherapy, is a medical treatment where we temporarily remove a small amount of your blood and mix it with our medical-grade ozone. The IV ozone creates an acute oxidative reaction in your body. As a result, your body targets pathogens like bacteria and viruses more effectively, while simultaneously healing and resetting your immune system naturally.

What types of Ozone Insufflation do we offer?

  • Ears (Available for Children)
  • Nose (Available for Children)
  • Rectal


What are the side-effects?

Ozone insufflation is well tolerated when administrated by an experienced medical team. Although it is a lower dose and more localized, there is still the possibility of a detox like reaction, more commonly known as a herxheimer reaction. This happens when there is a large viral, bacterial, or fungal load in the individual.

When you suddenly turn on a sleepy or broken immune system, it will begin to kill and eliminate pathogens, which release endotoxins.

If there are too many endotoxins released at one time, the body has a hard time getting rid of all of them.  Which leads to negative, flu-like symptoms.

We can typically avoid this encouraging a consistent detoxification program and our titrating protocol.

How Much Does It Cost?

We generally see the most success with 10 treatments, or more, depending on severity of the condition. As such, we package our treatments to make it more cost effective than doing single sessions each time.

  • Single session: $60
  • 10-Pack: $500 (Save $100)

Ozone Insufflation Service Options

To book multiple services at one time, please select the “Book Now” button in the top, right-hand corner of the website!

  • Ozone Ear Insufflation $60

    This booking is for 13 y/o and up. Parent must sign consent if under 18 years. Insufflation is a titrating protocol.

  • Ozone Ear Insufflation - 10 Pack $500

    Save $100 on the 10-Pack!

  • Ozone Nose Insufflation - Kids $30

    This booking is for 12 y/o and younger. We start off at a lower dosing protocol.

  • Ozone R-Insufflation $75

    This is for HOME Rectal Insufflation for Client Administration. The cost is for the kit and the first bag of Ozone. Must be administered at home within 30 minutes.

IV Ozone Literature

We Look Forward to Meeting You Soon!​

Book a free consultation with our medical staff to learn more and decide if this is the right therapy for you.

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